March 2013 Art Imitates Art II

In March at The Foundry we have a group show called Art Imitates Art. This was our second annual show. During the show we ask kids age 10 or younger to draw us a picture. We then assign them to adult artists to recreate them using the children’s exact shapes.

This year I worked on two pieces. One by Gracie C and the other by Tyler B. Gracie’s piece was a challenge! She is very talented for her age. Her image was of “her family,” which to the naked idea looked like worm-like figures with pretty eyelashes. It was wonderful. I recreated her piece and named it “Earthworm Garden Party.” The family got a kick out of it!

13 Earthworm Garden Party


Tyler’s piece was so detailed I didn’t have much room to improve it but I did my best. Recreating his most-imaginative ninja scene and titled it “Ninja Practice.” The family loved it and it is now with the little artist.

This show is our biggest of the year. It received a lot of attention this year in the press. Looking forward to next year!12 Ninja Practice for AIA II 16x20