Receding SEA…

Receding SEA… I am a mother of three beautiful girls. Three independently different and strong-willed females. I became a mother at 16 years old, a baby raising a baby. I married her father 4 months later. We made a ton of mistakes… She definitely got the short end of the stick being raised by teenagers, […]

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Grand Canyon

Study, Practice, Repeat…

Woah, what a different life I live since my last post… My disconnection was caused by the many changes I’ve made as well as some idiot hacking my site and installing terrible malware that deflated my sails for a while… So many things have changed. Some for the better… others not so much… some amazing… […]

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Hello from Austin Texas!

Wowza… I have been absent for a LONG time… Well almost three years ago my family and I packed up all we owned and moved out to Austin Texas! I’ve dreamed of living here for over 8 years and when the opportunity arose (not in the most positive of ways) we decided to start over […]

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Wine Women and Shoes 2015

Boy oh boy! Another AMAZING experience at Wine Women and Shoes in Bakersfield, CA October 2015. Every seat was sold. The who’s who of Bakersfield attended with their donations to benefit CASA of Kern County. I painted this piece at the show, which they included in the live auction. My art piece brought in a […]

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Princess Gracie

For Christmas 2014 I painted this portrait for my very best gal pal, April. Oh boy, was she surprised. Gracie is a spunky, smart, beautiful creative type. She is wise beyond her years. Her family and mine are extremely close.

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Audrey’s big day

February 1st, 2014 was an artful day! My little Audrey had her performance as a stork in The Amazing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe directed by Missoula Theatre. A married couple from Missoula Montana traveled to Bakersfield. They had auditions on a Friday, cast the play and had rehearsals all the next week. There were two […]

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True serendipity…

Phew! What a whirlwind. I have had a rough few months. Losing the gallery was quite devastating. But every time a door closes… one… ah, forget it. I don’t think I can hear that one again without crying out in horrible pain. Don’t get me wrong I’m adjusting. I’ll be fine. As soon as the […]

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