Hello from Austin Texas!

Wowza… I have been absent for a LONG time… Well almost three years ago my family and I packed up all we owned and moved out to Austin Texas! I’ve dreamed of living here for over 8 years and when the opportunity arose (not in the most positive of ways) we decided to start over here! (Thank you Halliburton for cutting the apron strings.)

Anyway, I have made a new life for our family here. I’m still working in commercial insurance for the largest insurance agency in the world and painting my heart out on the weekends! I live for the weekend! I’ll catch up chapter by chapter over the next few months, but posting here a number of pieces I’ve done recently as a result of a pet portrait special I’m running through the month of October! Shoot me an email if you’d like a quote to paint your pup! csweet@csweetart.com


Pit Doodle Horse