Frida in Thought…

The first year I participated in “Latination,” I painted a portrait of Frida Kahlo. Latination is an annual group exhibit at Metro Galleries in Bakersfield, CA, held on First Friday in September. My submission in September 2011 was wildly colorful and the first attempt I had made at a portrait using my new style. Although there were many admirers, I still proudly own the painting.

“Frida in Thought” also traveled and participated in a group show called “The Fan Show” in Pomona, CA in July 2012. I will be happy to own her permanently but would be overjoyed for her to find her new home with a fan of Frida’s works.

Senora Kahlo lived a wild and beautiful life. Even after her injury as a young woman she pressed on and made the world a more beautiful place the best she could. She is an inspiration to me.