Into the Woods — coming soon

Too much on my plate — who me? Although I’ve learned quite abruptly over the last two years to say NO; I haven’t quite mastered it yet. I have committed to a lot over the next two months…

Why is it so hard? Why do I have the overwhelming need to please and to receive encouragement? I’ll never really know. For now – I will create and enjoy it.

Since the close of the gallery, I’ve been looking forward to quiet and a “break.” It hasn’t started yet. I’m afraid to see what will happen when it does. I often imagine GOD looking down on this Earth and seeing us as worker ants. I feel like a worker ant. I never stop going. Constantly building and organizing…

I punish myself for taking on too much. I procrastinate in response and then stress to the point of breaking. Not anymore! I have a 4/13 deadline and I am going to finish three weeks early. That is my goal! I am taking a much needed week off this week to attend to my upcoming show at The Empty Space gallery for April/May 2014. I have three of the 6-7 pieces complete and still pushing.

Once this line is complete I will move on to the second project I have going. Stay tuned!

This is a piece that will display at the “Into the Woods” inspired art show called “I Wish…” Title: “The Better to Eat You with My Dear!”