Mad For You… Sold

When creating a show I first start by mapping out each piece using one color. I usually use a lime green, yellow, or orange. I do not draw on my canvas with pencil. I stopped doing that years ago when I realized it takes a LOT of time that I can use painting instead….

After I have them all “sketched out” (with paint) I go through and do all my underpainting. This leaves the canvases looking horrible. Where I know I want to apply red paint I usually use a pink underpainting, Green under blue, white under white, yellow or orange under shading, etc. There is hardly a rhyme or reason to the colors I choose for my underpainting. I feel color when I’m painting so it all depends on how each color makes me feel.

After the underpaintings, I line them up and one by one I pick them out to lay out all the detail work. This is also largely chosen by feeling. Am I in the mood to paint a rabbit today or perhaps the Queen of Hearts?

There is ALWAYS the one I like least… The one that sits like a wallflower making eye contact with me at each pass for a new canvas, but never chosen. Tonight I did things a little differently. My March Hare was the one I kept over looking. The one I almost cut from the show all together. I tackled it and he is now my favorite… This photo is just a teaser of the most undetailed portion of the painting. I can’t wait for everyone to see. His eye follows you around the room and the shine of his coat is just messy enough. Sweet Dreams…