Out of the Ashes…

Many years ago an all female show was formed by a group of local artists, of which later I became friends with. The show was called “Burn the Witch.” Without going into a lengthy explanation I will say it became a popular female art show. Each year there was a new board and the show was curated in a different venue. The show went dark for a year or two and was revisioned by Jesus Fidel and Susan Roussel, reformed and rebuilt under the namesake “Out of the Ashes.”

Out of the Ashes was a beautiful show. I am proud of my friends Jesus and Susan for all they did and how well they displayed the works reinventing a beautiful celebration of female artists!

I participated in Out of the Ashes, and entered three pieces; an untitled piece which was a pencil drawing of a nude male form, a 12×12 piece titled She Grew Up Too Fast, and an 18×24 painting of a llama titled Como te Llama. The show had two receptions one on 10/14/2012 and the last on 10/28/2012.

I’m in hopes someone takes the reigns and does a agreat job on the show next year.