“RUN!” won 1ST place in “Latination IV.” Preluding the show a dear friend in Austin, TX purchased this piece for a high-school classmate and friend of ours for their wedding anniversary. When given the theme for Latination this year, Fiesta, I tortured my brain trying to think of the most appropriate topic.

First, because of my love of painting animals I thought of the bull right away. Bull fighting… I kicked that around for a couple weeks, but once reviewing reference photos, I was less than excited about that route. I find bull fighting to be gruesome. Then, the running of the bulls! Yes! Although it can also be a pretty violent sport, I found it a more fair fight for the majestic beasts!

This painting was finished in one sitting. Once it was in my mind, I couldn’t rest until it was complete… RUN! was well received by the gallery curator and sparked lots of smiles during the judging process.

Next door, The Foundry which I co-own, was having a grand opening in our new location at 1608 19th Street. The night was full of latin inspired spirit and amazing art. I ran back and forth between Metro Galleries, which hosts Latination, and our opening of “Journey to the Ninth Continent,” works by Foundry member artist Susan Reep. I was told by Don Martin of Metro to “come back at 7:00pm,” with a wink. My husband, kids and his grandparents, parents and dear friend from San Francisco were there with me to hear I won 1ST place for this piece.

The night ended celebrating with friends a wonderful night and a bright future!