April 2013 Superimpose by artists Jennifer Williams and Tim Chong

‘Superimpose” an In-camera Multiple Exposure Photography exhibit by Jennifer Williams and Tim Chong Presented by The Foundry

In April 2013 I curated a wonderful exhibit at The Foundry. The show was delivered professionally wrapped and wired, which is always a wonderful thing! The artists were a pleasure to work with. The photography progress they used created original and unique works of art. During their exhibit they had a demonstration at the gallery to reveal their secrets! Four pieces sold within the month.

The show as described and introduced by the artists:

The definition of superimpose: place or lay (one thing) over another, typically so that both are still evident. These images are a blend of science and art. Not only do they require technical understanding to create, but also a pre-visualized concept of how images will blend together into one (and even then, sometimes it’s a surprise). If they have a purpose beyond visual appeal, it’s to show that the dueling worlds of photography can unite harmoniously.

All of the blending was produced in camera using the multiple exposure settings on a Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III. No digital layering or photo manipulation was used to achieve the superimposed images.

What began as two photographers sharing in an effort to learn a new technique, soon evolved into an artistic approach we both found very intriguing. We learned and developed our technique together, sharing technical knowledge and photographing many of the same subjects, at the same time. Yet, we quickly discovered the single images created from these multiple exposures took on a character all their own. We were then inspired to apply it to our love for portraiture, using layers and textures from each subject’s environment. What resulted was a collection of images, expressing distinct visions of two photographers, but still fitting together as one.

More about our artists: Jennifer Williams has pursued art as a profession since earning her Bachelors in Art and Design in 2006. She is a wedding photographer and graphic designer. Tim Chong is a photographer, educator and lifelong scholar of the craft.

Show postcard design by Alan Urquhart. http://www.alanurquhart.com/